We Promote Economic & Social Well-Being


ProvPlan's mission is to improve the social and economic well-being of Providence, its neighborhoods, and its residents.

To advance this cause we work directly with local families, promote systems change at the state level, and develop data resources that empower all Rhode Islanders.


The Providence Plan’s mission is to improve the economic and social well-being of Providence, its residents, and its neighborhoods. We provide data analysis for government agencies and community groups on a variety of issues, such as economic development, public safety, health, jobs, and education. We also operate programs focused on children’s well-being, workforce development, and the capacity of our state's nonprofit sector. 


The Providence Plan was launched in 1992 as a joint effort of the City of Providence and the State of Rhode Island to promote better collaboration between government, the private sector, and academic institutions.  

Our earliest work focused on generating neighborhood-level data and information about Rhode Island’s capital city.  We crunched census and municipal data, worked to develop indicators of community well-being, and sat down with local stakeholders to find ways in which this information could support their work. 

Over time, our data work began to highlight specific, unmet needs in Providence.  Driven by our core partners, ProvPlan was spurred to take action.  We initiated programmatic operations where we felt we could make a measurable difference in the well-being of our city. YouthBuild was our first success -

an alternative education program that showed how a targeted investment could help Providence’s high school dropout population become self-sufficient and engaged members of their community.  In 2004 and 2005, we followed up with the creation of our Ready to Learn Providence and New Roots programs. Building Futures, our newest initiative, was established in 2007.  

Today, ProvPlan balances the “thinking” and “doing” portions of our work.  Data remains a core focus and over the next several years we look forward to leveraging new technologies that will allow us to present greater amounts of information more quickly - and in increasingly interactive formats.  We also remain fundamentally committed to expanding the work of our programs and seeding new initiatives that are consistent with our mission.