pened What happened Suddenly appeared in the Donglong Island energy whirlwind, immediately by a lot of strong people are aware of, then the next road figure VCP6-DCV swept, a few flashing is in the Xiao Yan where the static room, immediately look surprised Looking at the crazy energy sto.rm. Do not panic chaos , perform their duties. In the crowd surprised, a faint voice, but also from the dragon house came out, VCP6-DCV it exam immediately a few pieces of sight flash out, appeared in this piece of the sky, it is purple and small medical cents and others. See purple show coming out, those who are too virtual Gu Long tribe who bowed salute, and immediately slowly withdraw some distance. I said why it takes so long healing time, the original is to break... purple research suspended in the sky, condescending look at the body in the whirlwind of Xiao Yan, laughed. The side of the small medical cents and green scales are quietly VMware Certification relieved, these three months, but their hearts are worried to death, if not purple research do not say anything, they can not help but forced into the static room After all, this time Xiao Yan by the injury too heavy, n

Exam CodeExam NameVendorCertifications
2V0-621 VMware Certified Professional 6 ¨C Data Center Virtualization Beta VMware VCP6-DCV
2V0-621D VMware Certified Professional 6 ¨C Data Center Virtualization Delta Beta VMware VCP6-DCV