them, the gray color liquid body seems no power, But if there is eye catching sinister person is able to see, in the raindrops across the space that moment, nothing of the Cisco Certification space, there was a very dark black mark... These are highly toxic raindrops, did not fall on the ground, when they dropped to a certain distance, it will be quietly dissipated, into Unified Communications a ray.of poison gas, slowly rising, drilling into the gray clouds, and then re For the rain dripping down, and then so again and again, endless... sound of rain sound of rain Dense dark gray color raindrops fall from the sky, and in that rain curtain, a black mountain suddenly flew and now, sharp Jian Qi, straight shot small medical cents And in that huge black color sword just appeared, the numerous raindrops around is like to be attracted to the general, overwhelming shot to be infected with these raindrops, the sword on the surface of the black Fog is also a burst of Chi Chi sound, gradually fades, and its shuttle speed, but also as deep into the quagmire in general, slowed down a lot. Distant Han Feng, looking at that in the rain curtain some difficult to move the black fog sword, brow is also a wrinkle, a small medical cents means, but also quite some strange taste, the kind of highly toxic power, almost even grudge are Can Unified Communications it exam corrode... It s quite hard to beat you before, but now... Soul Face flash

Exam CodeExam NameVendorCertifications
650-261 Cisco Unity Connection for Business Edition Cisco Unified Communications