much more power. This is a combination of a variety of matrix.method developed by the strength of the enhanced version of na. Can look at that price, simply to Ji ninety two people to scare. No he, Cisco Certification simplified version of the three hundred million is a Lingshi. Of Optical it exam course this is the thing, every war will be damaged after the war, and as the user is unable to repair, can only be held on behalf of the busy building repair. This is the monopoly of doing business ah. High maintenance costs that is necessary ah. Ji nineteen do not ask all know. And the watermark floor is exactly the same, but this side born out of the water color mountain shadow, pay attention to the entire scene of the illusion. Such as the shadow of the West, that is, whether it is full moon or the moon s unique scenery must be a big kill device, even with that cast the moonlight is able to reduce the other side of the Optical defense or imprisonment of the other side of the repair characteristics. Not to mention that style is unique or simply the user is thinking of the unique West Wing. As long as the enemy once into the floor, but that entered a more mysterious a kill field. Custody to the enemy gestures are suppressed.containment, with the rain attack. The diff

Exam CodeExam NameVendorCertifications
642-311 Cisco Optical SONET Exam (SONET) Cisco Optical
642-321 Cisco Optical SDH Exam (SDH) Cisco Optical