loss of panic feeling. Here is the deepest of the tomb... Xiao Xuan light laughed, immediately pointed Next-Generation Firewall Express Security Engineer to the front of an Next-Generation Firewall Express Security Engineer it exam ancient stone, the monument stood alone in this dark area, lonely and lonely Liao, as if the perpetual survival of the general This is my tomb... Xiao yan eyes along the Xiao Xuan was expected to look at the ancient stone, even after the interval of countless years, but that stone is still permeated with an indescribable breath, this breath is not strong, But it makes the soul of a kind of irresistible feeling of trembling. You four, they Cisco Certification are practicing outside the stone, where the energy is the tomb of the most rich place, the rest of the energy body did not dare to enter here, so do not worry about security issues... Xiao Xuan looked at the ancient Qingyang four People, faint way. Heard this, the ancient Qingyang four looked at each other, only a wry smile nodded, in front of the peak of the strong, they need to do is to thoroughly obey. Xiao Yan and that the ancient family of Nizi, with me... will be.the ancient Qingyang four free to settle, Xiao Xuan line of sight turned to Xiao Yan and Kaoru children, and then lost his hands behind, slowly facing Stone line to go, and finally when the body touched the stone, it is also a rapid fade until th

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