urple eyes, once again slowly toward the face of the stun of the cliff and Qi Shan two, red mouth slightly move, set off a charming amazing small curvature, behind the grudge wings suddenly.One, immediately its shape like a lightning appeared in front of Mo Ya, slender and full of flexible sex Cisco Certification of the long legs no fancy direct rejection to the latter s head, which contains the terrorist forces, direct Is the front of the air to expel as much as possible, invisible air buzzing sound, the first storm shot out. Feeling purple research that suddenly skyrocketed several times more than the terrible power, that Mo Cliff face color suddenly became extremely ugly up, his hands quickly put in front of a strange posture, and then quickly meet. However, this time, Mo cliff is no longer like the previous achievements, when the purple leg of the long legs exposed to the palm of his Network Management it exam hand, the kind of terrible power, directly to the most brutal way, his unloading force The road was completely destroyed, and lost the weight of the unloading force, the latter s terrible power, will Network Management be the most pouring in the cliff above the body. Puchi Purple re

Exam CodeExam NameVendorCertifications
600-199 Securing Cisco Networks with Threat Detection and Analysis Cisco Network Management
642-291 Network Management Network Management Cisco Network Management
646-411 Network Management Network Management AM & SE Exam Cisco Network Management