Yan mouth came Kaka Somewhere, it seems that a layer does not exist Field Technician it exam in the film rupture, and Xiao Yan that stop the momentum, but also climb again, breaking the eight star in one fell swoop, and finally st.opped at the Jiuxing above The momentum has just broken to Jiuxing, is Karma still stop, and Xiao Yan is like a virtual soft body, palm support on the ground, face color between the red, constantly breathing heavily, but although the limbs become Fatigue, but Xiao Yan eyes, but it is difficult to conceal the joy of the meaning, he knows, and now he, in the imperial pole and his own under the faith, life and life breakthrough to the nine star level In other words, now Xiao Yan, is already a Jiuxing fighting emperor, from the bucket of order, and only one star difference Although this star made countless strong sadly stop, but Xiao Yan have confidence in their own, this Field Technician fight. Can not be his end Little guy is good, actually know how to fight at this moment, relying on the hearts of Cisco Certification a belief to advance, the old lady, but for many years have not seen... In Xiao Yan breath, the day of the Buddha who sigh the voice, Outgoing. Ya

Exam CodeExam NameVendorCertifications
640-792 Supporting Cisco TelePresence System Devices v1.0 (TPTECH) Cisco Field Technician
640-893 Supporting Cisco Data Center System Devices (DCTECH) v1.0 Cisco Field Technician