long time on Content Networking the Shitai above, suddenly sounded a faint muffled sound, immediately a figure such as electric mang like flash from the distance and the final stature of a move, appeared in the stone on top. And then sit cross legged. The appearance of nature is that from the quiet room of Xiao Yan, at the moment his state is in a quite met the peak among the vigorous vindictiveness overflow in the whole body. Hao swing under, Content Networking it exam act.ually also have some majestic feeling, this feeling, even if some of the peak level in the bucket of the strong, is also quite difficult to appear. To Xiao Yan now the state, as if the light in the darkness of the general, very noticeable, therefore, when it has just appeared, the inner courtyard everywhere, is the rapid flying out of a road shadow, immediately facing the stone Direction swept, and finally stay in the 100 meters away, looking away from which Xiao Yan. Following these elders, but also has a few pieces of shadow from the sweep, and finally appeared in the sky, the elders see the shape, and quickly salute. In this courtyard, so that these elders so respected, naturally is the Soviet Union, and now his micro squint looked at Xiao Yan one, feel the whole body that wave swing grudge, face is also Flashed a touch of shock. Migraine against the side of the small medical cents laughed It seems that this kid for today, spent a lot of effort ah... Small medical cents slightly nodded his Cisco Certification head and looked at the bottom of tha

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642-342 Content Networking Exam (CN) Cisco Content Networking