he heart murmured. I hope you will not let me down. Gaze eyes, Liu engine suddenly spoke, the sound slightly lower, but also as its momentum, with a sharp overbearing mean. Xiao Yan smiled, the palm of your Cisco Security Sales Specialist hand holding the mysterious weight behind the handle, immediately suddenly pumping, heavy feet oblique refers to the ground, oppressive wind with a whining sound sounded. Liu engine glanced at Xiao Yan hands heavy foot, eyes flashed a touch of surprise, from the original Xiao Yan and Cisco Certification white when fighting, he knew that Cisco Security Sales Specialist it exam the handle of the heavy foot may be some strange place. Now personally face, hear the tear of the air.that oppression of the sound, his heart is able to determine the other side of the black feet, fear and its crack gun in general, has a very heavy weight. No wonder heavy foot away from the hand, the offensive diminished by the increase, the original he is often carrying a heavy foot as practice. Heart flashed a thought of anxious, Liu engine on Xiao Yan could not help but read some high, can continue to use this Kind

Exam CodeExam NameVendorCertifications
646-580 Advanced Security for Account Managers-ASAM Cisco Cisco Security Sales Specialist