ot away. I stopped Baishan, smoked children, you take someone to intercept other people. Hujia handy flick, a slender green color whip flash out, whip slightly startled, is thrown in the air a thunderbolt Sound, faint also with a strange smell. Well, smoked children Cisco Certification nodded slightly, eyes coldly looking at the storm shot from the silhouette, jade like little hands, dazzling gold color light came out now. laugh In the battle is about to open, Hakusan and others quickly and smoked children and Cisco Industrial Networking Specialist it exam others clash, the shadow suddenly pierced the sky, immediately with the tearing air sharp sound, crashing shot between the two sides, suddenly, a fried Ringing with the diffuse dust, the two sides separated from the open to go. Brow slightly wrinkled looking at the dusty area, pay ao sleeves waved, a slight surge of moisture with the wind appeared, immediately whisk away, the dust will be wet landing. With the dust of the floor, a cha in the rape hard slab on the huge black color ruler, appeared in the Ao and.others sight... Eyes on the black foot to stay for a moment, the crowd is transferred to the black after the two standing on the body. Xiao Yan, Wu Hao, I will think you hear the wind Paolu it, did not expect Cisco Industrial Networking Specialist to dare to come back Looking at the emergence of the two silhouette, Baishan face color micro change, cold channel. Xiao

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200-401 Managing Industrial Networks with Cisco Networking Technologies Cisco Cisco Industrial Networking Specialist