ome joy, this is only practicing four days, actually is a breakthrough to the seven star level, if on the outside , No one or two months time, it is impossible to decide. This is the fall of the aneurysm... really have infinite mystery... differentiated out of the shot body is able to let people ascend to such a speed, if occupied on the body, then the cultivation speed will be how terrible Secretly praised a cry, CCNA Industrial Xiao Yan stood up, went straight to the outside of the practice room, sleepless practice for four days, it is also the temporary rest, although the hard work is good, but Xiao Yan is to know , Too late... Update to, urge you brothers read after the Cisco Certification update, easily cast a few recommended votes, potatoes thank you. Chapter Contents Chapter 451 The change of the door make up the third more, sorry Chapter 451 Changes in the doors Out of the tower door, warm sun shiver down, so stay in the tower for a full five days of Xiao Yan even kind of on the ground do not want to move the impulse, palm clutching his face, Xiao Yan line of sight through the fingers gap With that blue sky, could not help but hard to suck a fresh air, practiced in the days of CCNA Industrial it exam burning gas tower, of course, can make people have a very fast speed, but that kind of dull, but it is too depressed People are up. Although the inner co

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200-601 Managing Industrial Networking for Manufacturing with Cisco Technologies Cisco CCNA Industrial