risingly CCNA Data Center dignified, murmured Yunlan Zong this fear To be bad luck... Sorry, yesterday because of trivial busy day, no time codeword, today began to reply to update. Chapter Contents Chapter 351 The Emperor, Ling Ying The thirty fifth chapter of the fighting emperor, Ling Ying The whole square, are with the black robe people played, and into a burst of quiet, although some ordinary Yunlan disciples do not know the strength of this mysterious black robe, from those faces color suddenly become very dignified elders They can see that the mysterious black robe people, the strength should be.strong and some horror, or will not let them so shocked. who are you Eyes tightly staring CCNA Data Center it exam at the sky on the Cisco Certification black robe, that from the other body overflowing out of the slightest tyrannical atmosphere, so that the edge of the cloud edge could not help trembling a bit, color The You can call me Ling Ying. Heipao people slightly bow, Lu out of a dark old face, laughed. You are not Gama Empire people Cloud edge line of sight carefully from the self proclaimed Ling Ying s black robe who swept, immediately seemed to find something, surprised shouted.

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