law Cheats must be in the nineteen or he was hidden, and indeed as he expected. Ji nineteen found this fog on the mountain and can not have an impact, but also very happy. When he led Ji no time briskly jump into the cave, the front of all let him stunned. Saw Wu Mazi horse gold knife seat in the monkey king s throne glared at himself, the left hand side is tied with a group of Ji Jiachai people, the right is crowded to suffer by the monkey group. Ji nineteen, you finally come back, I can wait for you for a long time na. Wu Cisco Certification Zizi open Road. Master Wu, what are you doing These people how to Wu Shang division to offend, let me make good punishment for them. Ji nineteen facial muscle pull, revealing.a smile said. He just saw the situation inside the cave, very surprised, the first idea is to stabilize this Wu Zi, and then slowly think of ways to slowly map. Kid, less to this set, and quickly surrender your power law, or I killed all the people here. CCENT it exam Wu Zizi staring at him, and dancing in the hands of the hunting knife pointed Ji Ji everyone shouted. He has the confidence to use the arrows to kill all the people here. This......, Wu on CCENT the teacher, power law is not my na, I ll give you to take...... said Ji Ji Najiao pull next to the Ji no time to

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640-823 Interconnecting Cisco Networking Devices Part 1 Cisco CCENT